View of a Venetian Canal

Nationality, Life:

Spanish, 1950 - unknown




Oil on canvas, signed


15 x 22 in.

Jose Luis Checa was born in Cabanal (Valencia), Spain on April 28, 1950. Checa’s passion for becoming an artist began at the age of 13 when he was able to purchase some paints and canvas. He was already working then, contributing to the family and had only the weekends to paint. He was unschooled but managed to observe other artists in his community and learn from them. The outdoors was his place to paint. Living near the sea in Valencia, there was an abundance of inspiration for this youth. His first experience with an exhibition was with a group in Valencia called the Ciculo de Bellas Artes in Valencia. They exhibited at an open-air market.


In 1975 he joined a group of painters known by the name of Pont de Fusta. From this group came his teachers and friends. They trained and taught him the basics of painting, drawing perspective and color. Most members of this group were watercolorists but Checa painted with oil paints. His painting style thus may reflect qualities found in the medium of watercolor. He admires the works of Turner, Goya, Velazques and ancient Pompeian murals. Vast landscapes of sea, land and sky are often the subject matter of Checa’s paintings. He believes that the art of painting the most genuine landscapes reflects the impression, instantaneous and exciting, that the environment produces upon a receptive artist.