Path Through Vines, Cassis-Provence

Nationality, Life:

English, 1962 - present


Late 20th Century


Oil on canvas, signed


24 x 36 in.

Born in Surrey, England in 1962, Marcel showed an early aptitude for painting. In 1980 he joined the prestigious, Camberwell School of Art in London training as an artist under the direction of Dick Lee and Sargy Mann and also as a picture restorer. Since then he has pursued both aspects of his training, establishing a restoration studio in 1988 and continuing to paint his vivid landscapes.  In 1987 he was given his first one-man exhibition in London and has since exhibited regularly.


His paintings are always full of light and strength, reflecting the hot, bright climates of Provence, Tuscany, Greece and North Africa. A large commissioned work by Marcel Gatteaux of Chartwell House can be seen in London's Churchill Hotel.