Figures in a River Landscape

Nationality, Life:

English, 1868 - 1940


c. 1890


Oil on canvas, signed


36 x 28 in.

The ideals of landscape painting in England went through a tremendous change during the period 1880-1900 when many of the traditional values were cast aside in response to the rise of the Impressionist movement. Before 1880 the Constable and Norwich School styles of landscape work were considered the only way to paint but after 1880 when artists such as Benjamin Leader were exhibiting their new look, the fashion changed. Daniel Sherrin was a disciple of this new way of depicting the English countryside and one of the best.


Born in Brentford, Essex in 1868 the son of the celebrated flower painter, John Sherrin he was taught to paint by his father. The family moved to Ramsgate on the Kent coast when Daniel was young and he was to live in this area for the remainder of his life.


This important example of his work dates to around 1890 and depicts the picturesque area of the Thames River Valley. It has the added bonus of the presence of its original gold-leafed frame.