Extensive Marine Scene with Boats of Belgian Coast

Nationality, Life:

Belgian, 1884 - 1954


20th Century


Oil on panel, signed


10 x 18 in., a pair (2)

Typically competent examples of the work of Gustave Helinck, this complimentary pair of marine subjects work can be dated to around 1915. The well-balanced compositions show us two views off the Belgian coast probably near the port of Ostend. Helinck was a Belgian painter working during the period 1910-1950 who produced a large and significant body of work. He painted a variety of differing subjects in an Impressionist manner, full of light and fluidity of line. Apart from his maritime pieces he is also known to have painted landscapes, city views and frequently still-lifes. Despite his obvious talents, there is a surprising paucity of biographical information available and really all we can know for sure are his birth and death dates. These paintings benefit considerably from the presence of their original frames.