Une Fermette

Nationality, Life:

Belgian, 1883 - 1933


c. 1910


Oil on panel, signed


4 x 6 in.

Born in Doornik in 1883, Allard L’Olivier studied art at both the Doornik and Brussels Academies. In 1901 he went to Paris where he enrolled at the Bougereau atelier before completing his studies at the teaching salon of Jean-Paul Laurens. All this classical training established the young artist as one of the leading painters of his day. Returning to Belgium he commenced painting the dramatic and often grand scale compositions for which he is remembered. Painting in a loosely Impressionist style, his paintings were exhibited throughout Belgium as well as at the Salons of Paris.


Remembered as an important figure in Belgian art, his work can be seen today in Belgium at the museums of Brussels and Doornik. Fernand Allard L’Olivier died tragically of disease at Yanonge in the Belgian Congo whilst there on a short painting trip. This charming example of his work date to around 1910 and serve as lovely plein air studies for large works.