Street Scene, Morocco

Nationality, Life:

Belgian, 1875 - 1960


c. 1920


Oil on canvas, laid down, signed


16 x 13 in.

Dating from around 1920, this view of the Morocco shows Julian Stappers at his best. Although known primarily as a painter of still-lifes, he was also a talented landscape artist and frequently travelled throughout Europe and North Africa in search of suitably interesting views.


Born in Chenee, Belgium in 1875 he attended the Antwerp Academy where, from 1894-1899, he received artistic training under the guidance of Adriaen de Vriendt. From there he graduated to the Hoger Institute to take further instruction until finally becoming a professional painter in 1901. His first major exhibition came in 1903 and for the remaining fifty years of his life he enjoyed tremendous success. Towards the end of his life he was honored with a number of important retrospectives including one at the Galerij Rubens in Brussels in 1959 and the Jordaens Galerij of Gent in 1960.