Garden Scene with a Woman in a Red Hat

Nationality, Life:

American, 1897 - 1950s


c. 1920


Oil on canvas, studio stamped on reverse


17 x 14 in.

An able painter of landscape and figure subjects, Thomas Richeson Blow was born in 1897. A painter in the traditions of American Impressionism, his work is enlivened with a bravura brush-stroke and a keen sense of light and shade.  Working from a studio located at 5281, Washington Place in St. Louis he submitted works for inclusion in a number of regional exhibitions and guilds.  Amongst his known works are very attractive views of Gloucester harbor and a number of etchings in addition.



This particular work dates to around 1920 and forms part of a collection of works by the artist recovered from his studio after his death in the late 1950’s.