Young Girl

Nationality, Life:

Belgian, 1875 - 1962


20th Century


Watercolor, signed


25 x 17 in.

A painter in the post-Impressionist manner of landscapes, still-lifes, marines and portraits Albert Pinot was above all a colorist. A disciple of Stallaert at the Brussels Academy for nine years between 1890 and 1899 he became one of his star pupils. Upon graduating he undertook a series of long sojourns in France, Turkey and Scandinavia gaining experience and influences. In 1919 he took a studio in Paris the result of which was a strong leaning towards the French ideals of Impressionism.


A founder member of the influential ‘Le Sillon’ group he was always keen to influence young emerging talent. A close friend and associate to many of Belgium’s leading artists including Smeers, Wagemans, Bastien and Anna Boch his paintings were appreciated by the public and critics alike.