Still-Life with Flowers

Nationality, Life:

Belgian, 1886 - 1964


c. 1915


Oil on canvas, signed


22 x 24 in.

A painter in oils and watercolors of figurative and still-life subjects, Fernand Wery was born in the town of Ixelles in 1886.  In 1899 he enrolled as a pupil at the Academy of Ixelles continuing on to the Brussels Academy in 1902. He would remain here for four years as a pupil of Constant Montald whose adherence to the ideals of Impressionism would influence his young pupil.  In the summer of 1904 he had met the painters Rik Wouters and Edgard Tytgat in the town of Auderghem and it was this meeting that would convince Fernand Wery to become a painter in the manner of the Impressionists. By 1910 Wery was established in Brussels and was becoming well known within Belgian art circles for his intimate portraits and figural work.  Although his career would be interrupted by WWI he resumed painting professionally in 1918 and immediately regained his popularity. In 1920 he visited Tunisia and his subsequent work took on a somewhat more vibrant, although less subtle, feel. Later in life he would devote himself to teaching and held a number of important professorships at various Belgian academies.  Fernand Wery died in the small town of Watermael-Boitsfort in 1964. Since his death there have been four major retrospectives of his work held in Belgium, Musee de Watermael-Boitsfort (1966), Centre Culturel de Rouge-Cloitre a Auderghen (1979), Services Culturels de la Province du Brabant (1989) and at the Musee de Mons (2002).


This fine example of his flower painting dates to around 1915.  Other examples of his work can be seen in Belgium at the Museums of Bruges, Ixelles and Liege, the Brighton Museum in England and in the United States at the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts.