River Lanscape with Goose Girl

Nationality, Life:

Belgian, 1808 - 1898


c. 1880


Oil on panel, signed


12 x 16 in.

A talented painter of landscapes and figural subjects, Jacques Janssens enjoyed a career that spanned much of the nineteenth century.  He was born in Antwerp in 1809 and gained his first instruction in the arts at that city’s Academy of the Fine Arts under the direction of Ferdinand de Braekeleer.  De Braekeleer’s influence proved to be profound as Janssens subsequently employed many of his master’s techniques. His first major exhibition came when he was invited to participate in the Salon d’Anvers exhibition of 1838, a venue where he would return on numerous occasions throughout his life.  His very early work consisted mostly of genre scenes very much in de Braekeleer’s manner, usually depicting peasants in interiors or about their daily lives. His choice of subject matter changed about the time he moved to Brussels in the late 1870’s and from then on he concentrated, for the most part, on landscapes where the figures take a secondary role.  In 1887 he moved to the Grand Place in Brussels, probably the most prestigious address in all of Belgium, testament to his successes as a painter. During the period 1870 to 1895 his work was exhibited throughout Belgium at all of the major art institutions including the Salon Triennal in Ghent and the Exposition Generale des Beaux Arts in Brussels. Although an exact death date for Janssens is unknown, the year 1898 is generally considered to be correct.  This excellent example of his work dates to around 1880 considered his finest period, and perfectly illustrates his skills as a painter of light and his ability with close attentions to detail.