Five Setters in a Landscape

Nationality, Life:

French, 19th Century




Oil on canvas, signed


26 x 40 in.

This highly attractive work depicts five brown and white setters resting in a landscape.  It is painted in a pleasingly soft manner using oils applied in thin translucent washes. Whilst the desirability of the image is clear the artist is however a little more confused.  Emmanuel Benezit lists him as having been born in 1890 in the French coastal town of Le Havre. This is almost certainly erroneous as he is listed as a participant in the Paris Salon Exhibition of 1889 where he was awarded a Bronze medal.  In addition, in 1987 a work of similar proportions to ours entitled ‘Hunting Dogs at Rest’ was sold at auction in London, this work was dated 1896.


A number of works by Geroges Fauvel have appeared at auction over the years but the majority are considerably weaker painted and do not show  the skill and mastery that are present in this example.