Atumnal River Landscape

Nationality, Life:

German, 1879 - 1960




Oil on canvas, signed


19.5 x 28.5 in.

Eugen Osswald was born in Stuttgart Germany in 1879.  Exhibiting talent at an early age, Osswald, soon found himself under the tutelage of renowned German animal painters Heinrich J. von Zugel and Angelo Janck Born.   Upon completion of his studies, Osswald opened a studio in Munich and soon began his professional career as an artist. Eugen quickly gained a reputation as a skilled illustrator and gifted painter of animals and landscapes. The bold designs of German Expressionist prints heavily influenced Eugen’s graphic illustrations which he did for numerous publications. Osswald also drew heavily from Impressionism, using heavy impasto brush strokes tempered by delicately toned colors which vibrate on the canvas.  Osswald often returned to the German countryside where he would draw his inspiration. “Autumnal River Landscape” is a perfect example of Osswald’s ability to utilize his traditional drafting skills while depicting nature in a vibrant and modern way. Paintings and illustrations by Osswald can be found in collections around the world.